Last Friday was National Sardine Day!

Picture of sardines on plate Those of you who have attended my workshops, college classes or had a consultation with me, know that I am a fan if the humble sardine. Maybe I even gave you a tin…

Although I do not generally jump on the super-food bandwagon, I did think it would be fun to talk about the food that got a national day.

Sardines are packed with nutrients for the brain and nervous system, liver and overall cellular health. They have some of the highest amounts of omega-3’s in nature, and are very high in B12. DMAE (boosts the brain) and selenium (a powerful antioxidant) are also found in sardines.

And the big bonus is that they are very low on the food chain, which means mercury levels are much lower than most fishes.

They are on my food lists for many health goals including Alzheimer’s prevention and diabetes.

Choosing canned options is usually easier in our Ontario market. If you do, opt for water packed and sustainability sourced, wild fish… you can even get BPA free cans. Canned ones are easy to bring in your lunch as well.

Like all foods, they are not ideal for everyone, especially if you have gout, thanks to purines. And they may not be appropriate for hypertension.

As always, there’s no need to go overboard… you can get too much of a good thing. Just one serving a week is all you need to get a nutritional boost.

If you are wondering how to eat them, try them mashed with a grainy mustard, or olives, or your favourite hot sauce. If you can eat grains, they are delicious on a cracker.

Always check first with your doctor or nutritionist if you are pregnant, have any illnesses, medications or dietary restrictions, before eating foods that are new to you.

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