Every new year, my practice starts to fill with people who, having the best of intentions, are wanting to launch a new health program for themselves. Great! Well… sort of….

While most of us can benefit from a reboot after a season of celebration, what I find is that grand plans can often fail. You see, the way we approach lifestyle change needs to be somewhat different than the way we set other goals. And if we are not careful, we actually program ourselves in a way that DECREASES motivation.

I have found that using a mix of behavior theory concepts like creating small daily wins, coaching, targeting foods that fight cravings, and working with the body’s natural rhythm, my clients have the best chances of success.

Every client is different. If you find that progress on your health goals is feeling ever more elusive, it might be time to schedule a visit and start a personalized program that takes the whole you into account.

That’s all for now. Remember: be good to yourself, and nourish your potential.


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