What does longevity mean to you? Health?

The truth is, that each of us has different goals and hopes for our lives and our health. And we all have different reasons.

Just as all of our goals are different, so are our bodies and our challenges – we are all biochemically unique.

As a nutritionist and lifestyle change coach, my role is to help you define your health goals, and write a new health story using whole foods first, along with lifestyle changes.

Change can be enjoyable and challenging – that’s why my coaching program is often so helpful. It does not have to feel like climbing a mountain…

My name is Virginia Spencer, and I have well over 3 decades of coaching experience – first as a manager in the corporate and small business world, and for the last decade as a Lifestyle Educator and Nutritionist.

At Nourished Potential I offer a variety of private, on-line nutritional counseling services and coaching for individuals, families, and groups. I also offer larger guest speaking services, and public education.

Much of my practice revolves around food and lifestyle, and I also include environmental factors in health and disease. I have a vast network of other health professionals to help in this regard, and if more than one person can help, I can arrange many types of referrals.

Most of my private, 1-1 clinical work is by appointment. For a full list of appointments and programs, check out the online portal!