Nutrigenomix 70-Gene Test

Take your personalized nutrition to the next level with this 70-gene test and evidence based report of findings.

Nutrigenomix was started at the University of Toronto and has grown into an award winning consumer product that includes identification of your variants of 70 genes, and a comprehensive report based on the best evidence about nutrition for those 70 genes.

The company also offers an optional menu plan add-on, and 1, 3, or 6 month menu plan subscriptions.

There are 4 report types to choose from:

Nutrigenomix Health Brochure

Download Nutrigenomix® Health Brochure (PDF 2 MB)

Nutrigenomix Sport Brochure

Download Nutrigenomix® Sport Brochure (PDF 245 KB)

Nutrigenomix Fertility Brochure

Download Nutrigenomix® Fertility Brochure (PDF 475 KB)

Nutrigenomix Fertility Brochure

Download Nutrigenomix® Plant-based Brochure (PDF 3.3 MB)

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Each test includes a free information session, the test kit mailed straight to your door, and a comprehensive report. Optional packages with Menu Planning add-ons are also available.

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