Please note that I change the names of my clients to protect their identity, as some of the work we do is very sensitive. While some choose to leave Google reviews, others prefer to remain anonymous, and I thank these wonderful clients for sharing their experience, so others can learn.

Booking a consultation with Virginia in early December was by far one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. I went to the appointment, unsure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised and how easily it was to open up to Virginia and discuss my issues. Little did I know that she would help me with far more than just my stomach problems. Virginia took plenty of time getting to know me, my lifestyle, health, and eating habits and was able to create a realistic plan to suit my needs. Since starting to see Virginia, I have created healthy habits in my life, I am exercising, cooking again, and managing stress better than I ever could have imagined. I have more energy and mental clarity, my intra-cellular water has increased, I’m losing fat, and on top of it all, my allergies to animals seem to be decreasing! Words cannot describe how thankful I am for Virginia and her constant support throughout this journey. She has pushed me to do things I would have never even realized could contribute to my gut and mental health, and with her support I know that I have the tools to continue improving my overall health. Thank you Virginia! Gillis

I struggled with weight all my life. I was put on my first weight loss diet when I was 8 years of age and in the past 40 years I tried everything: all the fad diets, weight watchers many times, and eventually, about 10 years ago, I gave up dieting as well as exercising. Sounds familiar? I started embracing my fat self, and thought I would never lose weight. So my weight kept creeping up and about a year ago I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

My doctor was smart enough not to put me on diabetes medication and recommend diet and exercise. I was looking for a nutritionist in Ottawa to help me get my health back but I was not hopeful, as my experience with nutritionists in the past had been poor.

Finding Virginia Spencer was a pure stroke of luck. She proved to be understanding and kind, and taught me that the root of the weight problem has nothing to do with a weak moral character but with the way nutrition works. For me it was a revelation. It took about a year but I lost 25 pounds, and lost my diabetes diagnosis (blood sugar at 5.8 now). I am no longer consumed by hunger or obsessed with food.

What’s more important, I am much happier and have more energy: I do my own gardening (I used to pay something), exercise almost daily and cook all my meals. I have a food prep routine and I am not even interested in going out to eat any more. I only wish I had learned all this 20 years ago.

I am still heavy – I have a lot more work to do, but now I know I can do it because I have hope. I think Virginia Spencer is a hope maker – a kind nutritionist, very knowledgeable and smart. She gave me sound advice, fixed my food cravings and helped me lose weight without ever starving.

Virginia Spencer is a true role model, practices what she teaches and has immense patience with the initial stages of the nutrition plan. If you see her on a regular basis, and stick with her plan, you will soon discover that being fat is not your fault, that you are not weak, morally reprehensible or broken. And, most importantly, that you don’t have to starve yourself to be healthier and thinner. You will have to make different choices about what you eat, love yourself by taking care of your own cooking and exercising. Good luck out there, and please contact me (through Virginia) if you have any questions. cz