Tiny Habits Coaching

Tiny Habits is a proven method for building habits, created by Standford University behaviour scientist, Dr. BJ Fogg. Supported by research on over 40,000 people, this method has made a tremendous difference in my personal and professional life and in my nutrition and lifestyle practice as well.

As a Tiny Habits Certified Coach, I not only teach this method to my clients, I also coach them on developing this important skill.

Here’s what some people are saying about the 5-day program and me as their coach:

“It’s a great tool to affect personal change”

“I loved the experience and would recommend it to anyone who has a hard time incorporating change in their life by fear of failing”

Virginia was a great coach and very helpful. I am glad she was there to support me!

In your opinion what impact can Tiny Habits have on your life? …”Immeasurably huge, because habits are everything”

My coach (Virginia Spencer) was so encouraging and positive in relation to how the Tiny Habits method could help me – not only in accomplishing my habits and the good feelings that came from that but also in using examples of how she had embraced the program

Are you interested in how to use Tiny Habits to make changes that will support your health? Book a discovery visit today.